A Homebuyer Survey Report is suitable for most flats, maisonettes and modern homes when you want a report on the condition of the property. It also includes a valuation and an assessment of the construction and condition of the property.

A Homebuyers survey includes.
  • The property’s general condition.
  • The value of the property on the open market
  • Comments on the existence and condition of damp proofing, insulation, and drainage.
  • Results of any testing of walls for dampness.
  • Any defects in accessible parts of the property which may affect value.

The surveyor will inspect as much of the building as possible, although he will not check any area of the building that is covered, unexposed or hazardous and unsafe to inspect.

On the same day of the inspection the surveyor will give the client a verbal report and a detailed report will be made on the bullet points listed above and sent out to the client within three working days.

If a Homebuyer Survey suits your needs or if you would like to discuss it in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and information.

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