Building Surveys

A Building or Level 3 Survey, previously known as a “Full Structural Survey”, is the most thorough and detailed report that we offer.

It is suitable for large, older or run-down properties, those which are unusual or have been drastically altered, or if you’re planning to do major works to the property. This survey is the most comprehensive and provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.

We will inspect as much of the building as possible, providing it is safe to do so.

Building Surveys can help you make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether to proceed with a purchase and assess whether the property is being sold at a reasonable price. A Building Survey also makes clear what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged.

Building Surveys are adaptable to suit the needs of the client, so please do discuss your needs with us prior to your survey being conducted so that we can offer you a bespoke service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and information.

As with our Home Survey, we will contact you by phone on the day of the survey to give you a brief verbal report of any findings and the report itself will be emailed to you within 24 hours.