Level 2 Surveys

A Level 2 Home Survey report is suitable for most flats, maisonettes and conventional, more modern homes.

It describes the condition of the property, identifies any risks and potential legal issues and highlights urgent defects, with advice and recommendations as to repairs or ongoing maintenance.

It uses a simple ‘traffic light’ rating system to clearly identify the condition of the key elements of the property.

We will inspect as much of the building as possible, providing it is safe to do so.

We offer two types of Level 2 Home Survey: a standalone Home Survey as described, or a Home Survey with the addition of a market valuation and reinstatement figure.

We will contact you by phone on the day of the survey to give you a brief verbal report of any findings and the report itself will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

If a Level 2 Home Survey suits your needs or if you would like to discuss it in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and information.

A Level 2 Home Survey includes:
  • The property’s general condition
  • Comments on the existence and condition of damp proofing, insulation, and drainage
  • Results of any testing of walls for dampness
  • Any defects in accessible parts of the property which may affect value
  • The value of the property on the open market, if requested