Choosing between surveys

The main features of the Home Surveys service are compared with those of a Building Survey below:

Home Surveys and Valuation

Building Survey

Type of property

Conventional houses, flats, bungalows, etc. in apparently reasonable condition.

Any residential property in any condition.

Type of Service

Economy package in standard form.

A detailed and comprehensive report that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Objects of Service

To assist Client to:
(1) make an informed judgement on whether or not to proceed.
(2) assess what would be a reasonable purchase price for the Property.
(3) assess all urgent and significant matters before exchanging contracts (in Scotland, before concluding an offer)

To provide Client with;
(1) a detailed assessment of the condition of the Property.
(2) technical advice on the problems and remedial works.

Special Features

Focus on urgent and significant matters

Comprehensive details of Property’s construction, materials, uses and defects.


Integral part of HOME SURVEY Service

Provided as agreed extra.

Form of report

Compact, fixed RICS format.

In Surveyors own format, usually much longer and much more technical.